Painting service/polish service

Apart from interior design, Home Interia offers painting or polishing service to the clients along with other services to become one destination for all your needs. Our Architects are well-skilled and experienced to bring back that charm to your home. The polishing services helps in providing a smooth finish to your walls. By Opting for a smart upgrade can lead to bring your home again like earlier with a shine to your walls at an affordable cost. Polishing at different period of time provides a matt and soft sheen finish which creates a rich glance and remains long-lasting for your home.. Before the services, we make sure that there is proper inspection and consultation with the client about work and charges. We firstly assure that your home furniture are covered properly before we start the painting service and always clean up the stains cause due to painting. We always provides best options to our clients that provides higher coverage and long- lasting, offering a advanced finish at a reasonable cost within budget.