POP/ false sailing

Along with interior design, Home Interia is known for its false ceiling services in Delhi/NCR. Apart from main ceiling, false ceilings are the secondary ceiling, which is hung underneath the main ceiling. Apart from adding to visual appeal of a room, these are loved across households for their ability to insulate the space from heat. Our Technician makes sure that every detail is right, as false ceiling are very expensive. We have all the options to choose from a wide range of materials for false ceiling according to the need, requirement and budget of the clients. The materials available are Gypsum Board, Thermocol, PVC made from the robust plastic and POP Plaster of Paris. From the above materials, POP is considered as the most popular choice for false ceilings. We also make sure that if there is any need to repair your false ceiling, there is provision of future repairs in addition to instant installation, while buying the product.